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Heat commander

Find it on YouTube later today

Drolet HT 3000

Great wood stove! Fast delievery and great customer service.
The Drolet HT 3000 can easily fits 18" logs and has a large ash box.

Very happy with my purchase!

Very happy with my purchase!

Looks good

Packaged well. Won't be able to install until summertime for next season.

Drolet HT3000 Wood Stove
david van tassell
Drolet ht3000

Good stove. Looks well built. I noticed that I really have to get a fire going hot before I can turn it all the way down and still get the secondary burn.

Good firepot

We ordered the firepot because apparently there is a difference between a pellet firepot and a corn firepot. The pot is solid; not sure if it works better than our corn firepot because our stove is over 15 yrs old and other factors could be affecting the burn. But it seems to be a good pot.

Drolet starter kit.

I really want to thank you for the starter kit for my stove. I did not know that there were fire starters on the market. The gloves are first class. With the low cost of the stove, free shipping, no tax and the starter kit, I don't know how you made a profit. Thank you again, the stove works great and saves me a lot of wood.


Never answered back on parts question

Hi please can you email us at and we will respond within 24 hours. Thank you

Nice little stove but not installed yet

I’d be a lot happier if the EPA certification I specifically asked for had been included so I can file my taxes with the solid fuel credit paperwork.

columbia II wood stove

Received the stove as promised, When i unpacked it and lifted it off the skid
the left rear leg fell off. The other three legs were very loose. I added lock
washers to all the bolts on the four legs and tighten them. All is good now and we like the stove. We been using it 24/7 since we installed it.


Very easy installation, will install the stove on feb. 5, 2024, and we will see.

Columbia II wood stove.

We didn't get a free wood stove, but did get a starter kit. The stove looks good and works good also. When I unpacked the stove and removed it from the pallet the rear left leg fell off. The other 3 were very loose also. I would recommend using lock washers on the bolts holding the legs on. I added lock washers on the legs and tighten them everything is good now.

Drolet HT3000 Wood Stove
wood stove

The stove came through without any defects being noted. The stove looks good. I have not installed it yet. I am waiting for my son to come up and help me get it into the basement.


Stove is exactly what we needed. I had a problem with the delivery not being quite right, but I took charge fixed it myself and got a GREAT stove that we are very happy with!

We're thrilled!

My husband and I have been shopping for a wood stove for over a year, and settled on this model. It was priced here for $200 less than other sites, and that made me a little nervous as I wasn't familiar with Fyre Direct (i.e., I wondered if it could possibly be a fake company). However, online reviews were good, so I decided to take the chance. Happy to report that the purchase and delivery went off flawlessly, and we're now the proud new owners of a Drolet HT-3000! I'd love to add a Drolet Bistro in the future and I'll definitely come back to this company.

Drolet Blackcomb II

Fyre was great! The stove was delivered in a timely manner wo any issues. They even threw in acouple extras which was nice. (Gloves and Firestarter packs) The stove works like a charm. Heats my 1200 Sq ft house just as I hoped it would!

Great little insert

Fyre Direct and the Century insert are fantastic. Absolutely recommend.

Fan Assembly / A+

Adding the blower/ along with auto thermostat is money well spent.
Super easy to install.. less then 15 min. This stove is over the top amazing.
Should have upgraded from older stove to new one a long time ago...
Cheers folks, Thank you again /Greg

Finally burning wood without the wood smell in the house

Got a little over 30 Days usage on the Drolet
DB0 3190 and has been a great performer .30% less wood consumption than an old Franklin style would stove .
Can't smell wood smoke like the old gave off
Best bang for the buck

Warmer winters

Insert is doing great.

1st new stove in 30yrs

Good price, prompt and good delivery, and best of all a really good stove.

Loving It

Very happy with everything from delivery to how well it was packaged to the look! I needed a stove with a smaller footprint and this fit perfectly. Well-made and sturdy.

Works great, looks nice and great price. Delivery was fast and easy as well.

Blower insufficient

Easy to install. Blower is not very forceful however

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