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I’m thrilled with stove. The shipping had trouble. I’the touch up paint and nuts didn’t arrive with stove.

Spark II

Stove clearly took a fall onto its head during shipping, door off its hinges, fire bricks and vermiculite baffles broken, paint scuffed up pretty good, missing hardware and a handle... Fyre Direct got it sorted out for me with replacement parts and some paint relatively quickly. Stove is well built, although packing could be better with todays shipping companies that dont give a ****.

have only had one fire in it to start the paint curing process. burned 4 sticks of hardwood, last piece went into the stove at 6pm and at 5am i couldnt touch the stove as it was too hot! impressive heat retention; once you get it warmed up, which takes a while. shouldnt be an issue once its rolling steady thru the winter months.

purchased the blower and thermodisk with the stove, they worked well and came on automatically, as intended, once the stove was up to temp.

only thing i would change is to design the air intake for a little better breathing when you want a good hot fire going.

Drolet 1800 I

Love it so far

Free Thermodisc Kit with Purchase of Drolet Stoves
Not yet!

It ain't Winter yet


Our delivery guy tried to leave our stove at the end of the road. We did get it in middle of the driveway. We were suppose to get some free items and didn't. I called the numbers for customer service and no replies.

Great Product, good value!

I'm waiting for a contractor to help me install it. Review to follow this Fall.


am in discussions with you about my door being noticeably off level so ill get back ton yoi

Fresh Air Intake Kit for Wood Stove

Great little wood stove!

We’ve had our Drolet Escape (with blower) wood stove installed for a couple months now and we are very happy with our purchase and with Frye Direct! We were worried about ordering something so expensive online and that it wouldn’t heat as well as we wanted it to, but it has not disappointed. Our home is 1160 sqft and this stove will heat us out!


not installed as of yet...

Beautiful fireplace!

I love the fireplace. It gives my living room a very elegant look.

Pellet stove

We haven't been able to use stove yet. It took forever to get here. We had to track it down then they wouldn't deliver to our home. Ended up at friends house 4 hours away. We had to go and get it then get it into the house. I am 67 yo it was not easy but we did it. If you can't deliver to customers home you should tell them before you take their $1800. We werent real happy. Hope when we use it next year it is worth all the trouble.

54'' Corner Hearth Pad
Kelly Mahoney
Looks Great, We Love it.

Good quality, paid for expedited shipping and it came within a few days. Only complaint was very poor communication from company. No one ever answered the phone and they gave confusing information.

Hi Kelly,

We are glad you like the product, yet we are sorry to hear about the communication.
Please can you let us know what time you called us? We are open 8am-4pm MST.

Nano stove

Great little wood stove. Perfect for a tight space, but warms up extended areas nicely! Very happy with it 😁

Rigid Firescreen
Anthony Memoli
Rigid fire screen for Deco Nano woodstove

The Rigid Firescreen is a nice addition to the Deco Nano wood stove. While viewing the fire through the glass door on the Deco Nano is very pleasant, the firescreen offers another dimension to the wood burning experience, that of a crackling fire. With the door closed, you can't hear the fire, with the screen in you can. The stove has a built in slot located at the top of the door opening, very ingenious, which the rigid screen is inserted into.and then dropped into place. Very secure and effective. The firescreen is well made, with a handle on each side to ease insertion and removal from the stove. Gloves are not required to remove the screen from the door should you decide to remove it while the stove is in use. The firescreen can be used with the door removed or by swinging the door back and out of the way.

Rigid Fire Screen
Dorothy Owen
works great

This screen makes it nice to have the door open and not worry about sparks. It also allows more heat to enter the room.

Drolet 3000

Thank You Frye Direct, Drolet HT 3000 this stove is just beautiful and the heat is incredible and so efficient. The price was awesome shipping was so fast couldn't be happier. Looking forward to way less would consumption this upcoming heating season. Thank You Again

Good, capable small wood stove

So far, so good. Only had a few fires. After one fire curing stove, no smell and easy to fire up. Have a 700 sq ft cabin and the Fox model is more than capable of heating the space.

Great company to do business with ! ! !

I highly appreciate the thoughtfulness and care of your company in dealing with your customers . I am not sure exactly why I chose your company to purchase my Drolet Deco Nano wood stove . . . I think it was just partially a gut feeling and that I also liked the overall ambiance of your web page . I am looking forward to doing business with you and I am also looking forward to purchasing and receiving my Drolet Deco Nano wood stove .


Love this stove! I have always had the old antique stoves. This is the first "EPA" stove I have bought. I was worried about it, but we really like it and are happy how it heats the house. Also, we like the fact you can sit it closer to the wall than most stoves from the past.


Great unit took a month too get had to pay
Extra $190.00 kit not available had to order
Everything separately


Nice piece but to big for fireplace opening

Great wood stove!

This is the best stove ever! We live off grid in northern Vermont. This Drolet Bistro stove is everything you said it would be! I love cooking in the oven! I have learned how to keep the fire going consistently at the temperature I need for baking all sorts of delicious food! Also it keeps a fire overnight! I also like watching the fire in the bottom! I always feel warm and cozy.


Works as should. Doesn't get a whole lot of air moving, but helps a little and better to have it than not


I like the simplicity of this hearth pad.

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