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Excellent Purchase (terrible delivery)

This stove is amazing. The burn is so clean and efficient and the large window to see the flames makes it so cozy. I have a 3000sf colonial home and the entire downstairs can have the heat turned off while this is going. Very happy with this! My only complaint is when I ordered they did not tell me it was “curbside” delivery and I have a long VERY steep driveway so it was a big ordeal for me, husband and another person to get this into my home. The delivery person was great and tried to help as best he could but it wasn’t his fault. I’m still glad I got this stove it’s very high quality and worth every penny .

Drolet Deco II Wood Stove

Arrived with 2 broken bricks. Contacted your company 3 weeks ago for replacements. Nothing yet. I had read you have terrible customer service. Guess that is right. Haven't been able to use yet so can't comment on how it works.

Love it.perfect size. Great company to work with

escape 1500 drolet

Seems to be a good stove so far, made in north America and made well. Only complaint is with the top heat shield, If you want to cook or run a kettle on it there is not enough room due to the heat shield extending too far forward. They could have very easily designed the shield with a tapered angle toward the stove pipe connection to provide the room need to run a kettle or a medium size fry pan. Mark from Indiana

Easy shopping

I chose FyreDirect initially because of the prices. Upon further discussions with a friend who does home construction, he stated that your product is good quality at good prices.

Since then, I noticed how easy it was to look at different stoves and see the specs. It made comparisons really easy.
You have a wide variety for any application.
Very impressed by the selection, ease of navigating the website and personalized emails.

I look forward to receiving the stove and enjoying years of warmth during cold Chicago winters!

Drolet Fox Wood Stove
Richard Mason
Drolet Wood Stove

Amazing fast service and delivery.

Drolet Fox Wood Stove
Neil Mathison
Good service

Good service and good price

Great Wood Heater

I Bought this Heater 2019 and I am Starting My 4th Season with a Drolet 1800 I. I am very pleased with this Wood Heater. I Burn Post Oak, Live Oak and Red Oak and it makes a lot of very nice Heat and We really enjoy it. Just can't explain how much pleasure we get from this Wood Heater. Hope everyone has Great Day...

Be able to tell you more once I replace damaged vermiculite baffel with a metal one

Drolet Legend 3 woodstove with blower

Thnankyou for your quick reponse to my email. The drolet woodstove looks great on our hearth and I can tell it will be better than the stove we just replaced. . I will keep Fryedirect first on my list for other items. Great company.

My stove isn’t installed yet

Drolet Escape 1800-1 Wood Insert

Very very happy with it so far.

Awesome quality stove.

The Fox stove is going to be a perfect heat supplement for our lake house.
Cant wait to install it and fire it up!
Thank you Drolet!

Couldn’t ask for anything better

Works exactly like I wanted it to. It’s in a smaller room 400 sf) and it gets it very toasty when there is a good sized fire going. The heat shields on the stove work great. I took the temperature of the the ceramic tiles behind the stove and the read 70 degrees. To heat a larger room, I’d take the heat shields off of the stove.

Fresh Air Intake Kit
Daniel Daugherty

I live in a remote area where delivering my 350 pound wood burning stove was a challenge. Fyre’s rep called me and helped me work out a a good delivery arrangement. Good company. I’ll order from them again.

Great Stove

This stove is very well built. I put this in my cabin and it is the only heat source, it heats very nicely. The top plate is very thick, I place a cast iron humidifier on it and it does very well. You can also cook on the top if needed. Overall I am very pleased with the stove and Fyre Direct.

Great Price and Great Customer Service

Ordered this from Fyre Direct. Great Price. No expensive sales tax (my state has an 8 3/4% sales tax). Great customer service. Insert arrived quickly. Also, the trucking company was fantastic. Love the insert.

Drolet Columbia II Wood Stove

Great stove

An amazing woodstove drolet myriad 111

Gyre direct was a great company to deal with prompt service

Happy customer.

My stove was delivered in a straight truck with a lift gate, properly loaded and secured. It was well protected and frame crated with shipping wrap. The delivery was coordinated with ease and it was a perfect order fulfillment. Thank you!

Drolet woodstove

The stove arrived undamaged. Perfect condition. Haven't installed it yet. Only arrive a week ago.

The Drolet Escape 1500-I arrived in good shape, Great price, easy to install, works great.

Update for review on Stag2

I had written the first review on the Stag2.
I said how impressed I was with the stove, but that was before weather got cold and I could really put it to the test. I give it a 100% approval rating.
On first review I had mentioned that the legs could be a little more sturdy. I had not followed instructions completely. The legs have pre-drill holes in them. I drilled down through holes into brick hearth with a masonry bit. Then I bought long masonry screws and anchored stove to hearth. It is sturdy, all is well. So pleased with stove. Tonight will really be the test, Northeast coming up the coast. 50 MHW's. 🥶. Thanks Frye Direct for all your help.

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