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An amazing woodstove drolet myriad 111

Gyre direct was a great company to deal with prompt service

Happy customer.

My stove was delivered in a straight truck with a lift gate, properly loaded and secured. It was well protected and frame crated with shipping wrap. The delivery was coordinated with ease and it was a perfect order fulfillment. Thank you!

Drolet woodstove

The stove arrived undamaged. Perfect condition. Haven't installed it yet. Only arrive a week ago.

The Drolet Escape 1500-I arrived in good shape, Great price, easy to install, works great.

Update for review on Stag2

I had written the first review on the Stag2.
I said how impressed I was with the stove, but that was before weather got cold and I could really put it to the test. I give it a 100% approval rating.
On first review I had mentioned that the legs could be a little more sturdy. I had not followed instructions completely. The legs have pre-drill holes in them. I drilled down through holes into brick hearth with a masonry bit. Then I bought long masonry screws and anchored stove to hearth. It is sturdy, all is well. So pleased with stove. Tonight will really be the test, Northeast coming up the coast. 50 MHW's. 🥶. Thanks Frye Direct for all your help.

Very Happy!

I absolutely love my Drolet Deco II Stove. Installation was a breeze. The modern look and raised fire box is super chic. I did a ton of research ahead of time, and I am so happy that I went with this product. I needed a smaller woodstove for my cottage getway, and it's perfect for the space. It burns like a dream and gives off enough heat to warm the entire first and second floor of my house. Fyre Direct was really great to work with. I was told exactly what to expect, and didn't experience a single issue. I will absolutely order from them again in the future if the need arises.

Great Vendor

Enjoyed the shopping experience!!! Great competitive pricing and service! This company is family owned and they care for their customer!!!!

Hard working Team and they know what they are doing! They pay me he sales tax so you don’t have to!


Bryan Mortenson
Retired firefighter disabled

Chimney Liner for Drolet 1800i

Our new Drolet 1800i insert would not draw well until we installed the chimney liner. We tried to use it in an older open masonry fireplace, but the flue was too large and would not heat up to create any draw. Now with the liner it works great. Chimney liner installed easily with the use of a rental boom lift. All parts fit very well and sealed.

We are very happy with both the new insert and chimney liner.

Assembly was very difficult

The intake kit just barely did not fit on my Austal III. I was able to make it work by bending the screw tabs. But it is only hanging on by a thread.

There is also a noticeable draft where the air control handle pokes through.

This stove is WONDERFUL!

Our experience with purchasing this stove has been worth 5 stars on every level. The customer service was excellent, the price is so reasonable, the shipping was included and was professional and convenient. This stove is HEAVY but is gorgeous and high quality. We absolutely love the combination of relatively compact size while also having a large firebox, oven and stovetop capacity. I did a lot of shopping around and I couldn’t be happier having made this investment.

Very efficient but may not be practical for everyday use

This stove is luxurious compared to what we had before. Very efficient and burns for a long time. Even if we don’t get up in the middle of the night, there’s always coals in the AM. We have a couple of slight issues though. May not be practical for 24/7 use as there’s no grate for the ash to fall through. It has a plug which means you have to let the fire go out to clean it. Our winters in the mountains of NE TN are fairly mild, but someone up north might have a hard time in the winter if you have to let it burn out before cleaning. The only other issue we have is with loading it. We’re used to a side loader, so it can be a bit tricky stacking logs without them tumbling out. All in all though, it’s an excellent stove and with the right kind of wood it keeps us warm and cozy in our 850 sq ft home.

The "firebrick" on the top of the firebox is broken into at least 2 pieces. Please send me a replacement, along with instructions on how to remove the broken one and insert the new one. Larry Kelley, 270 983 1021, Address: 2564 SR 408, Bardwell, KY 42023

Great Furnace!!

This is my first wood burning furnace I've owned but I'm no stranger to Drolet stoves. Would recommend this to anyone looking for a great heat source for there home. Runs itself with no trouble but do recommend use 20% and less moisture content wood. Other than that awsome product. was quick about my order and the cheapest price. Thanks

Nice stove

I have not installed the stove, so can’t comment on fire/ heat. But shipping was prompt, well packed and arrived easily. Looks great. I think I’ll love it

Ht 3000

Everything I thought it would be very well built excellent stove!!! Wow does it put out the heat!

Very nice furnace

Have just got the furnace in our cellar. Very well built, instructions are great. Haven’t “fired” it up yet. Can’t wait.. thank you from the sales lady that helped me order it ..

Really like the wood stove

Issues with the glass turning black very quickly.

So far!

Looks really well built! I forgot how heavy they are! Was not easy job getting it in the household ( my problem). Still working on getting the chimney installed. But really looking forward to the first fire!😀 small delay in delivery but this time of year its what one would expect!

Liner kit

Everything went together pretty well and my wife and I couldn't be happier with the performance of our stove

I fired it up last night and so far I am very satisfied

Everything met my expectations and Thank for the great service

Blower assembly

Works perfect. I love how it blows the air around shell of stove, but also hits heat deflect and air goes directly on stove pipe. Wow what a set up.

Drolet Atlas Wood Burning Cookstove
jason sherman
Beautiful stove, but it has a smoking problem

First surprise- this stove is very tall!

Love the look of it- so clean and modern.

Only problem with it really is that when the fire is getting going, and you need to open the door to make a wood adjustment or add more kindling, etc. the door allows a lot of smoke out...
Once the fire is really hot and going well, this is not such a problem (although it still is a good idea to crack the door a minute or two before you open it up for real).
I am going to try to raise the floor of the stove with firebricks, in an effort to keep the smoke going up better.

I truly love this stove, but wish a little more design work had been applied before it was released.

Arrived intact and unharmed with everything as advertised. Already installed with a couple of test fires to cure…. Bring on the cold, I believe we are ready! Thankyou

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